Meet The Coaches


No girl Left Behind, is a mentoring program under Become ® ministries, founded and created by Michelle Kirby.
With so many distractions tugging at our youth these days, our program aims to enrich the lives of young girls ages 13 to help them identify their gifts and talents and find their place in society.
My coaches and I are committed to helping develop and identify every girl’s God-given talent as well as teaching them life skills, coping skills, self-care tips, mental health awareness and so much more.
As qualified mentors we bring many areas of expertise to be able to truly teach and impact the youth in a positive, empowering, inclusive and inspiring way.
We also teach the girls leadership skills so that they can go back into their communities, schools and families and demonstrate leadership skills and further inspire those they affect on a daily basis.


The programs goal is to be able to teach:

The girls will also be exposed to:

  • Outdoor hikes
  • Appreciation of nature
  • Waterfall hikes
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Journaling and Goal setting
  • Healthy Meal Prepping
  • How to attain a spiritual practice
  • How to meditate & seek quiet time
  • Importance of exercising
    And much more.